SFND 2017 Call for Volunteers

It’s a new year. Just as 2017 is a time for many individuals resolve to eat healthier or listen to more podcasts, the Notre Dame Club of San Francisco has a lot of exciting changes coming down the pike. We’ve overhauled our board structure, transitioning to a committee structure. SFND has a lot of goals for 2017, but we cannot accomplish them without dedicated individuals who are willing to volunteer their time.

Check out our Get Involved page for more information on open positions!

Happy New Years everyone!

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  1. Anthony Alfidi
    Anthony Alfidi says:

    Overhauling the SFND board means nothing if Notre Dame’s people do not improve their low character. The Domer alumni I met during my ten years of participating in SFND events were all snobs. They completely refused to mentor me or discuss career opportunities because they felt my US military service disqualified me from earning a living. I will never forgive my alma mater, the University of Notre Dame, for such poor treatment. My Class of 1995 BBA degree is now completely worthless.

    • John Moore
      John Moore says:

      Anthony, I’m sorry to hear that your experience in dealing with SFND has been less than ideal. As the President of SFND, I can personally vouch that all of the individuals in the SFND organization care deeply about fostering a community of camaraderie and support amongst ND alumni in the Bay Area. If you are interested in discussing the matter further I’d encourage you to reach out to me personally at jmoore19@alumni.nd.edu


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